The Benefits of High-Protein Seed Corn Varieties


Prairie Hybrids offers high-protein field corn seed corn varieties. In comparison to conventional seed corn varieties, high-protein field corn seed results in higher amounts of protein and amino acids, while reducing the starch content. This means that the harvested field corn can serve as a good source of protein for those who rely on grain

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Our Legacy in Seed Quality


If there is one thing that I have seen help our customers over the last 20 plus years, it has been our high cold germs on our seed lots. Due to our high-class seed cleaning technology, we have delivered a very high cold germ seed quality to our customers. Warm germ never helps the farmer—cold

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We Just Released Our Multi-Year Average Germ Report


Check out our newly released “Multi-Year Average Germ Report.” This report documents our average cold germs across all saleable lots. Farmers are beginning to realize that seed quality is determined by cold germ and not warm germ, and allows farms to obtain top yields. The cold germ conversation is what separates the men from the

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