The 2020 Customer Field Test and Plot Results are now available–check them out below. In line with our previous yearly results, Prairie Hybrids has accomplished a resilient genetic performance. We would like to thank our corn breeding/research team for putting together such a strong seed corn genetic line-up!

University Trials for 2020

2020 University of Illinois

East Central Region
North Region
South Region
West Central Region

2020 University of Iowa

North District
South District – Early Season
South District – Full Season

2020 University of Missouri

U of MO Dry Corn Test
U of MO Irrigated Corn Test

2020 University of Nebraska

U of NE Irrigated Corn Hybrid Trial
U of NE Dryland Corn Hybrid Trial — Clay County Rainfed
U of NE Dryland Corn Hybrid Trial — Saunders County Rainfed

University of Wisconsin

U of WI South Central Zone – Early Maturity Silage
U of WI South Central Zone – Late Maturity Silage
U of WI South Central Zone – Organic Grain
U of WI Southern Zone – Late Maturity Silage

Knox Co Corn Growers

Knox Co Corn Growers Trial

First Mid Ag Services

Jack Young, Dewitt, IL

Plot Results

Brian Putt, Francesville, IN
Clear Creek Acres, Emmetsburg, IA
Colton Quacka, Mazon, IL
Dave Zielke, Leland, IL
Earl and Jeff Hafner, Panora, IA
Eric Madsen, Audubon, IA
Freeman Miller, Topeka, IN
Good Life Seeds, Central City, NE
Green Leaf Farms (Shop Plot), Eidelstein, IL
Green Leaf Farms, Rt. 40 Adams, Eidelstein, IL
James Amstutz, Kidron, OH
JLM, Inc., Prairie City, IL
John Hartman, Fairbury, IL
Kevin Garmin, Pekin, IL
Leanord Martin, Smithsburg, MD
Legacy Ridge Farms, Marshall, MO
Les Nelson, Chadwick, IL
Lowell King, Loma, CO
Marvin Garretson, Yorktown, IL
Nature Gro Farms, Columbiana, OH
North Fork Seed, Ben Meister, Fairbury, IL
Phil Birkey, Hopedale, IL
Prairie Hybrids Show Plot, Tampico, IL
Prairie Hybrids Show Plot, Organic, Tampico, IL
Precision Organic, Hiawatha, KS
Ron Miller, Harlan, IA
Sunnycrest Farm & Home, Kaisiesville, PA
Superior Crop Products, Linn Grove, IA
Vernon Amstutz, Dalton, OH