Prairie Hybrids 10% protein and high-test weight field corn seed is an excellent feeder — including fat cattle feed. Like all corn and corn by-products, it will need to be supplemented with a very small amount of lysine, methionine, and tryptophan since they are the essential amino acids that are low in presence in corn. With the high-protein field corn seed, as compared to the more typical 6-7% protein corn seed, these essential amino acids can be provided in the small amount of roughage that needs to be fed to the cattle to provide fiber. This addition will provide enough protein to reach the 11-13% needed in the cattle’s total diet. Legume, grass-mix hay of around 12-16% protein is recommended. Please note, there are many other options here such as a mix of oatlage and straw, etc. Another advantage of Prairie Hybrid’s high-protein corn seed is that it’s highly likely to contain any Fusarium mycotoxins. The non-GMO hybrids corn feed is beneficial to reducing bacteria in the soil that keep Fusarium molds and other potential pathogens in check. GMO corn seed hybrids favor oxidizing organisms in the soil that work against health. Concurrent glyphosate use adds to this problem.

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