Check out our newly released “Multi-Year Average Germ Report.” This report documents our average cold germs across all saleable lots.

Farmers are beginning to realize that seed quality is determined by cold germ and not warm germ, and allows farms to obtain top yields. The cold germ conversation is what separates the men from the boys.

Category Variety Avg Warm Avg Cold Years
Treated Non-GMO All 98.4 96.9 2015-2021
Coated Non-GMO All 98.2 96.1 2015-2021
Organic All 98.1 95.9 2015-2021
Special Deals Treated All 98.5 97.0 2015-2021
Special Deals Coated All 98.4 96.1 2015-2021
All All 98.3 96.4 2015-2021