Farmer Reviews

5879: Farmer stated, “That is excellent corn. Next year I want a lot more of that hybrid.”

6158: Grand Island NE, 258bu 15” rows planted 40,000 pop.

6878: Chapman NE, 80ac went 275bu/a. Farmer stated, “Wow! This isn’t even my best ground!”

7355: Central City NE, Farmer stated, “Out-yielded 1498 by quite a bit!”

8229: Columbus NE, Organic field 230bu Farmer stated, “The ears were huge. Planted dryland population.”

8229: Harvard NE, Farmer stated, “8229 has a deep green color, and other farmers were asking what type of corn was planted.”

Clarks NE, field went 248av. Farmer stated, “I am really happy. The yield monitor hit 320 bu in places where the soil was good! And the farm had a lot of sand.”

Grand Island NE, 254bu on 15” row planted at 40,000 pop. Farmer stated, “I am happy.”

Clarks NE, 80 ac went 250. Farmer stated, “I am happy with the yield.”

Central City NE, Farmer stated, “Stood better and out-yielded de kalb after a bad hail storm.”

Byron NE, 260bu



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