About Us

Twenty years ago, when the majority of seed companies transitioned to genetically modified seeds, my grandfather H.W. Hostetler, the founder of Prairie Hybrids Seed Corn, resisted the temptation to sacrifice a healthy environment, and made the decision to continue producing only non-GMO seeds. Prairie Hybrids lost business at first, but he did not like the control big seed companies had over other small farms, so he stood firm and stayed true to non-GMO seeds.

This was a difficult time, and my grandfather’s commitment to Prairie Hybrids was tested through the years, but he continued to teach me the importance of the non-GMO seed business. A well-respected seed advisor in Minnesota counseled us to stay the course and remain non-GMO. It was the right decision. Now, consumers know the facts behind GMO, and the trend has moved towards non-GMO.

Because of Grandfather Hostetler’s decision, Prairie Hybrids was able to stay in business and profitable, whereas many companies who converted to GM seed had to sell-out to larger companies or go out of business. I tell you this today because it has been a tremendous blessing by our Creator to stay focused on healthier seeds and soil for animals and humans.

– G. Hostetler

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